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Powering The Future

Solar companies in Islamabad best solar company in islamabad

Why Solar?

We utilize solar because we can now use the sun, which is the oldest, purest, and ever-lasting power source, to convert sunlight into usable energy. This revolutionary & renewable energy method will power the future with cost-effective energy while protecting our planet from the detrimental emission of fossil fuels.

What factors drive our success?

At Radiance Tek, we believe in the bigger goal of making Pakistan a better place for everyone. This factor drives success not only for us but for all solar companies in Islamabad, as well as other major cities of Pakistan.

Pakistan is in dire need of low-cost electricity. While efforts are being made at the national level too, consumers and businesses are deploying their own solar power plants in order to reduce the energy bills of their homes, offices, and factories.

Pakistan is a massive country blessed with natural beauty and sights for everyone to see. However, the land span of the country makes some of the areas inaccessible to the power grid. We believe that in this day and age, every human being deserves access to electricity as it has become a basic necessity. Previously, those who lived off the grid would have to use batteries if they wished to power any of their small electrical devices. Fortunately, solar companies in Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan provide an inexpensive solution to those looking to satisfy their electrical needs.

The rising uncertainty of the world’s economy has led to fluctuations in the US Dollar. As a result, the majority of people in Pakistan who have limited income struggle to make ends meet. Solar companies in Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan understand that the electricity bill is a huge cost in everyone’s lives today. If an individual is capable of offloading this massive cost by installing solar panels at home, it will help generate tons of savings which can then be put towards other investments.

It is the ultimate goal for every business to be self-sustaining and become profitable. However, for a business to get to that point, it needs to have an excellent management of resources and expenses. For example, depending on the location, the costs of a business can vary quite a bit. The cost to run a solar company in Islamabad would be drastically different compared to a solar company in Rawalpindi. This can be in the form of power bills, rent, wages, and much more. Since power bills take up a considerable portion of a business’ cost, investing in solar would bring that recurring cost close to none. 

Solar companies in Islamabad Solar companies in islamabad

Our Solutions

We offer solar solutions in all major cities of Pakistan, such as
Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi, Sialkot, & Lahore.

Our team has meticulously crafted solutions to satisfy every type of demand. Find all of them here:

solar company in Islamabad


With systems from 5KW up to 25KW, our residential solar solution is perfect for homes of all sizes in Pakistan. Systems are available as either a Hybrid or Grid Tied System.

solar company in Islamabad


With systems from 25KW up to 100KW, both large and small businesses can benefit from a commercial solar system as it can greatly help with cutting energy costs.

solar companies in islamabad


With systems from 100KW up to 2MW+, our industrial solar solutions are constructed using the most cutting-edge technology and meet the exact requirements of the clients.

Our Products

We use the finest selection of solar products in Pakistan. They are not only the best available, but also perfectly compatible with our solutions.

Our Services

We also offer some of the best in-demand solar services in Pakistan that go hand in hand with our solar projects. Find all of them here:

Solar companies in Islamabad Solar companies in islamabad best solar company in islamabad best solar company in islamabad

Our Projects

Have a look at all our projects across Pakistan:

Our Process

How to get your own Solar in Pakistan

1. Contact Us

Feel free to call us directly or reach out to us on WhatsApp, and we would be happy to guide you.

2. Solutions

Our dedicated team of professionals will comprehensively guide you through all your available options.

3. Delivery

Once your solution has been finalized, we will arrange delivery and installation of your setup.

4. After-sales Service

Your journey with us does not end after the installation. We will always be available to guide you and help you.

best solar company in Islamabad

Working Hours

Excellent and personalised service with outstanding products. The best bit is the after sale services with a dedicated team to address all queries.

Syed Owais Bokhari

I got my 10kw system installed from rediance tek about Six months ago. I had really great experience with the company as well as installation team. They work in a professional way and quality of product used by them are very good.

Asif Hussain

It was an outstanding experience in dealing with Radiance Tek for solar installation. An experience technical team led by two professional leaders. Highly recommended, if you are looking for solar solution to the power issues

Adil Ali

A wonderful experience of dealing with Radiece tek. Their staff and management is extremely cooperative, responsible and technically sound. Their response is quick and provdie services at door step as and when required. I wish them all the success in their business.

Abdur Rauf

For more information regarding solar in Pakistan, please call or visit our office in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad.