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Solar Power in Pakistan, Is it Worth It?

solar in pakistan solar in pakistan


Solar power in Pakistan is on the rise. Why, might you ask? This is because Pakistan is a prime target for solar energy since it has multiple cities with extremely hot temperatures and long daylight hours that allow maximum sunlight exposure. Solar energy is seen as an alternative source of energy for economic growth in Pakistan. In Pakistan, solar energy is a plentiful resource that can be used to generate power. It contributes to power generation while being environmentally friendly. Another huge benefit is that solar-powered electricity produces no greenhouse gas emissions or carbon emissions. All of this, coupled with relatively shorter deployment timelines and low operational expenditure, makes an excellent recipe for the success of solar power. As a result, climate change is being mitigated, and environmental protection is being assured. solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in pakistan

Solar's impact on Pakistan’s economy

Solar energy has a positive impact on both residential areas and businesses in Pakistan. Residents of various communities benefit from lower utility expenses for power by using solar panels. Residents may use solar panels to power their electrical appliances, which helps to lessen the country’s electricity shortage. The installation costs are indeed significant, but the benefits of cost savings and the generation of clean energy to powerhouses are tremendous. Countries such as Germany have long hopped on the solar bandwagon, producing one-third of their electricity from the sun. Despite the fact that Pakistan is an ideal candidate for solar power, solar contributes barely 1% of Pakistan’s electricity sector, despite a capacity of 2.9 million Megawatts, according to the Pakistan Alternative Energy Board. Another advantage of investing in solar technology is that it expands energy availability, generates employment, raises revenue, improves trade balance, and promotes industrial growth. solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan 

Solar power potential in Pakistan

Pakistan has a huge potential for solar energy implementation since the average solar radiation intensity ranges from 1500 watts per square metre to 2750 watts per square metre for about 10 hours per day. Throughout the year, this is most prevalent in parts of southern Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan. According to a World Bank study, utilizing only 0.7% of the country’s area for Solar PV Installation will generate enough electricity to fulfil Pakistan’s current requirement. The benefits of solar energy generation for home and industrial users drive the widespread installation of solar panels in Pakistan. There is an urgent need to seek maximal technical, commercial and regulatory support from government agencies in order to solve challenges related to solar energy deployment. solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan

Solar panels have become cheaper

The cost of solar energy generation systems has dropped dramatically. Since 1977, they have plummeted by 99%. This is the world’s largest price decline in a time when everything is becoming more costly. This is the best moment to acquire a solar system in Pakistan since worldwide price decreases have made them affordable. When power rates have climbed by 60% in the last several years, you may purchase your way to a dependable and economical source of electricity generation. With falling prices and rising advantages like net metering and more efficient systems, the optimal payback period has shrunk to 3-5 years. It implies that within 3-5 years of building your solar energy system, you may recover your investment, and the remaining years the system is operational will be a gold mine for you. solar in Pakistan

Why solar is the future

The understanding of harnessing the sun’s energy is regarded as a breakthrough point in human history. Our reliance on and demand for energy remains constant, even as the sources vary. Indeed, one could argue that our dependency on energy has reached unprecedented proportions – numerous energy sources power today’s civilizations and their unavailability restricts our everyday operations. For generations, fossil fuels have been the dominating source of energy. They aided economic progress, but at the expense of numerous disputes and rising greenhouse gas emissions. While the former keeps the world preoccupied in a never-ending battle for control of the world’s energy resources, the other poses an existential danger to our planet in the shape of human-caused climate change. solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan


RadianceTek believes that our beloved country, Pakistan, would get the greatest benefits from solar energy. All of our efforts and difficulties to assist people in solarizing and being self-sufficient in energy generation are aimed at making Pakistan energy independent. We are trying to clear the path for Pakistan to end its energy issues and advance toward becoming a developed country. If you’re interested, now is the time to go bring solar power in Pakistan with RadianceTek. solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan solar in Pakistan

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